About the Owner

family-aboutKevin Kelso has 37 years of experience working locally in the Painting trade, and 32 years as owner operator of Kelso’s Painting Inc.  Kevin was born in San Francisco, and had to tag along as an evolving teenager to Stockton, in 1971.  Six years later he graduated from Lincoln High class of ‘77.  Kevin didn’t intend on being a professional painter after he began working with the Grupe Company in 1979, but he soon found out he had found his calling and quickly advanced in the profession being self taught in the trade.  His skills were soon being asked for from many local homeowners & that’s when Kelso’s Painting began in 1984.

Kelso’s Painting & Staff

In the beginning, Kevin did all of the Residential Painting and his wife Linda helped keep the books. What started as a one-man show soon grew to 2 then 3 then 4 and in 2004 grew large enough to have a 12 man painting crew. By this time residential was not the only work being performed. He found that he could also excel in commercial painting projects large and small including many local school renovations. Along the way, he came to realize that he got the most personal satisfaction from working directly with homeowners on repainting their homes. They appreciated his attention to detail and his ability to work with his clients on a personal basis. Of course this doesn’t mean we’ll stop serving our corporate or business clients.
It wasn’t long before Kelso’s Painting Inc. was the number one painting company being sought after to complete any painting tasks that there wereat hand and also becoming a well-respected painting business in the San Joaquin area.
As their staffing needs grew, Kevin was lucky to find good employees from early on.  His son Brenton watched him over the years and decided he wanted to become a painter as well and hopefully one day run the company. Today he’s a journeyman painter out on the field.  Kevinhas continued to build a strong knowledgeable and capable crew.They take great pride in their work and understand the importance of respecting each client’s circumstances, wants and needs. His daughter Elizabeth has also joined this family-owned business and works in the office.Today Kevin Kelso is still a working contractor who personally prepares every estimate.
We’ve always relied on the word of mouth of our happy customers to tell their friends and help spread the word about our services. It’s an approach that’s worked well for us for the last 30+ years and we like to take that as a sign that we’re definitely doing something right.
Kelso’s Painting is an EPA-Lead certified fully licensed and bonded to provide commercial and residential Interior and exterior services.